WGN SimAngus 40W (1/2 AN, 1/4 SM, 1/4 GV)

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From a very moderate Balancer dam, this bull is top-crossed with a SimAngus bull composed of maternal and industry staples Mytty In Focus and CNS Dream On L186 in his first two generations.  Raised and developed by a local West-Central Missouri program, WGN 40W’s dam holds a 362 day calving interval on seven natural calves! 

WGN 40W’s three-breed composition enables commercial cattlemen to interject strong heterosis with single-sire simplicity. His calves come light and–despite moderate paper EPDs–outperform high growth PB Angus sires used in AI.  His heifers have shown to be easy fleshing and moderate, and their first calves will hit the ground in February ’19.  As a commercial program, we believe WGN 40W’s heterosis and balance will produce females, and steers, having strong value across the beef industry.



BFGF C459 (2/3 GV, 1/3 AN) 

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The epitome of MODERATE and MATERNAL.  C459 comes from Missouri’s #1 Dam of Merit Gelbvieh program: B/F Cattle Company of Butler, MO.  C459 weaned off his donor dam at a 112% weaning ratio and moderated to a 101% yearling weight ratio.  His dam holds a 366 day average calving interval on seven natural calves (and seven donor calves: including the first three lead-off bulls in B/F Cattle Company’s Spring ’18 Sale).

Our first C459 calves hit the ground this spring, have grown out moderate framed, THICK, and packing every bit as much weight as our larger framed composite-sired calves with Simmental genetics.  We believe C459 is a prime example for using purchased natural service sires.  He possesses moderation and consistent, balanced performance optimal for commercial operations but absent the “curve-bending” extremes AI Studs promote (and he’s a percentage cross).  He is from a registered program whose objectives match highly with our own, and we intend to use C459 heavily–ran him as a single bull on select females in 2018–in order to produce the type of moderate composite females that produce long-term performance and profit.

New Day Marksman 5092C (1/4 AN, 1/4 RA, 1/4 SM, 1/4 GV)

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A four breed composite sire, 5092C’s calves come light, easy, and grow fast.  5092C’s dam averaged a calving interval of 368 days on eight natural born calves and was sired by the Red Angus sire Brown Revelation P7021 (Top 2% stayability for AGA EPDs, and Top 7% for Red Angus EPDs). 

5092C’s first calves hit the ground this spring, and we used him and WGN 40W to natural service over 50 mature cows this 2018 spring breeding season.  Seeing our composite calves beside AI sired animals–fleshing, growth, and condition–we weighted our breeding efforts towards composite cattle, and are considering custom collecting in order to expand our timeliness and total animals bred by our balanced composite sires.