“Our goal is to find customers who believe what we believe and work together so that we can all succeed.”–Simon Sinek, Start With Why

MC Cattle believes in the merit of developing and producing sound, maternal centric cattle that provide profitable foundations for commercial cattlemen.  We believe too in fostering partnerships and continuing relationships with landowners, producers, and fellow cattlemen that share this same ideal.  We believe in developing partnerships possessing the same values we use to guide our herd management principles: balanced, sustainable, and mutually beneficial with ever-improving future potential.  We are not looking for one-time business interactions.  Rather, we seek to establish long-term partners to share in our, and your, future.  We seek “Win-Win” business relations established on the understood objectives of all involved.  If you are interested in partnering with us, or learning more: genetics, land rent/use, management guidance, please contact us today: 816-803-1800!

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“The goal of business should not be to do business with anyone who simply wants what you have.  It should be to focus on the people who believe what you believe.  When we are selective about doing business…with those who believe in our WHY, trust emerges.”–Simon Sinek, Start With Why