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Why MC Cattle?

At MC Cattle, we believe in a proper work-life balance, and our animals and program are designed to achieve this goal.  We believe quality cattle are one of the simplest and most consistent profit generators for small farmers/operators in west-central Missouri, and we believe properly developed livestock afford an income, quality of life, and work-life balance few other professions (or past-times) afford.    In developing animals that perform on pasture, respond easily to handling, and require minimal supplementation, we create animals that take care of themselves and afford you the liberty to spend greater time on whatever other life purposes you seek.  For us, that is family, making memories while our children are young, and taking the time to improve ourselves personally and professionally.  If you share these life values and priorities, let our animals help you make time for these experiences.

We love researching, developing, and conditioning commercial animals for profit throughout the beef industry, but place our focus on what we regard as the most important profit driver for commercial cow-calf operators: quality females.  For this, the priorities of our genetic choices, and management decisions are "Maternal Centric."

We develop commercial composite females using purchased, home-raised, and AI sires identified for their maternal lineages, performance, and progeny-proven traits.  Having run purebred and composite cattle side-by-side, we believe in the overt value and benefits of heterosis and conscious implementation of composites/crossbreeding.  We utilize rotational management grazing that condition animals to be handled easily, respond to regular movements, and most importantly--to perform on pasture with minimal supplementation, which strengthens commercial profit margins.  The animals you purchase from us will bear their natural body condition and performance on real-world pasture and not be masked with profit-leaching purchased feeds.

Our animals are developed to handle and perform with minimal operator demands, and make commercial cattlemen/women consistent profits, so that you can give further time to greater life purposes.



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